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Last month Microsoft made a big final official announcement about the arrival of Windows Phone 7. Hardware partners like HTC, Samsung, LG and others also made many announcements for their magnificent phones.

Of all phones revealed, two phones attracted me the most. HTC HD7 and Samsung Omnia7.

Both phones came after amazing legacy! I can remember the first time I “touched” an HD phone by HTC. That was lovely experience. Sure some minor issues was disturbing, but now with all this advance in technology from HTC and the big value credit they got in the market for their robust hardware design and performance, that is true for both Windows Mobile previously and Android Phones owners, I am totally have confidence with what will come in current generation.

On Other hand Samsung, that jumping steadily to the future of super smart phones and lately in the tab-computing, get my attention with their new Samsung Omnia 7. If you had a look at its blazing Super AMOLED screen, you will never look back to any other phone in the market.

Both phones above, got the most powerful features and specifications their as hardware. unfortunately, they are almost identical with very minor differences which make my decision to pick one of them is very hard!

Take a look at this comparison of the two phones by GSM Arena, then take a deep breath and kindly answer my poll below: :)