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All news about Windows Phone 7.

Okay, I won’t waste time and jump to the new things. Please be notified that I will focus on the new features in area of development.  for all new stuff in Windows Phone Mango update please check this informative video.

  • Background processing:  apps will be able to run in the background with some restrictions. app will be restricted to use 10% of the CPU power and just 5MB of RAM. Also for people who would like to design mobile social hub, you will be enable to make your app in the background runs every 30 min for 15 sec to sync data.
  • New profiler and emulator: more enhanced emulator performance and debugging experience.
  • Use of Silverlight + XNA together: in the same app.
  • Silverlight 4
  • IE9 web browser control: hardware acceleration for blazing web browsing experience on the phone.
  • Live Tile enhancements: you can update your tile info, graphs locally without the need for a remote service or internet connectivity.
  • Additional sensors: direct camera access, compass & gyro
  • Fast application switching: switching between open 3rd party apps is now available.
  • Networking / sockets for communications: yes you can now open ports and start communicate!
  • Local SQL database: for those who wanted to CRUD structured data locally on phone, yes this day comes true.
  • Access to calendar and contacts for apps: in the last version you had Phone Number Choose, that enable you to pick a phone number for a contact. now you can select whatever the info or data your want about the contact. and about the calender, yes this is sweet!

I got no words to describe the amazing new (and required) features that shown in this MIX session  about the Windows Phone 7 with update Mango!

Just check this video


Source: Engadget

Microsoft has released a new version of its Windows Phone 7 connector software for the Mac, bringing with it a number of new features and plenty of bug fixes that were no doubt annoying Mac-owning Windows Phone 7 fans.

The new update, which Microsoft describes as “critical” and weighs in at 7.6MB, brings a new device setup experience and the ability to now sync purchased audio content from the device.

Fixes includ performance upgrades, better handling of photos with Apple’s iPhoto 11 and fixing an issue where some AAC or MP4 files wouldn’t play on the phone.


Windows Phone 7 Mac Connector

Windows Phone 7 Mac Connector


Source : Pocket-Lint

Aِccording to Engadget Microsoft is planing and working for the next updates for the Windows Phone. The next major update, called “Mango” will be available next August. Its commercial name might be Windows Phone 7.5. That update will apparently bring Silverlight runtime and HTML5 support to the OS, along with Far Eastern language support, and some other unspecified features and functionality.

Engadget source mentioned a new version of Windows Phone, with code name “Apollo” that might come late by 2012 with commercial name Windows Phone 8.

If you have developed on previous versions of Windows Mobile, you will know the amazing feeling of doing copy and paste from any application to any other application.

Unfortunately ,for some reason Microsoft decided they are not ready to set this feature available in early version of Windows Phone 7 for some reason!

Fortunately,users and developers of Windows Phone 7 won’t wait too much to have this feature on their phones. according to a report by Engadget , copy and paste will be available on Windows Phone 7 in very early 2011 in the first promised update for WP7 by Microsoft.

This is the statement by Microsoft.

“Microsoft is committed to delivering regular updates to the Windows Phone experience. Our first update will make copy & paste available in early 2011. In addition to this first update, all Windows Phone 7 users should expect to see additional updates delivered in the future as part of Microsoft’s ongoing update process.”