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Modern mobile applications design is evolved for many years. Nowadays it is all about the user life. For a user, whenever he or she launches the application, he or she is expecting the application to give him or her what it is most important for the moment. It is very advised in the process of developing a mobile application, is to take care of three characteristics. Application should be Personal, Relevant and Connected.

I will make an example for typical application for an active sales man who want to make business on the run. I will show how to apply principles mentioned here to make a modern mobile application.


Image above is the screenshot of the typical “My SAELS” application in the old days. You will notice the app home screen if full of tasks related to me and other colleges in Sales team in my company. Even tasks assigned to my colleagues will appear in the app home screen! Wired?


First thing I want to see when I open my application is my data. Things I will care for the moment are the tasks assigned to me. I am even want only tasks for today, because the most critical thoughts in my mind is concerned about today sales tasks. After applying this principle, my sales app will look like that:




Now I got my personal information, I need it relevant. If you can notice, in previous screenshot, MY SALES app is telling me that I have two sales tasks for today. To make it relevant, I want application to show me the needed task when I am already in company I am planning to visit today. for example when I launch the application, GPS sensor in my phone will detect that I am currently in or near from Contoso head office, so the application will show me the task related to today Contoso sales operation! Check next screen shot:



If you know about Context web, or what is commonly known as Web 3.0, where the web will interact with real data from your real world. For example when you search for Pizza, search results will be bound to those Pizza restaurants near from your current location, sure you will get the idea around concept Relevant.


Cloud computing is all about making you connected to the world through internet. Titan name like Amazon, Google and for sure Microsoft had made big progress in turning internet into a connected platform.

Back to our MY SALES app, it will be a useful asset in your application to keep you connected with your manger and colleges in team with updates occurred on your tasks.

For example when I finish my task at Contoso, I want my Sales manager to be notified with last update happen to my task.



NOTE: to make my app connected always, we will need to make a new post about Push Notifications for Windows Phone!

I wish you now get the principles.

Thanks for your time Smile


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