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Splash screen is the beautiful screen that shows up once you launched the application on your desktop or smart phone. In this post we will try illustrate the easiest the way to make a splash screen for your Windows Phone application.

First we need a JPEG lovely image that could act as a splash screen with (480*800) pixels size. I have opened my Paint and created some cool splash screen for this demo purpose .

Now add this image file to the application solution folder. Right click on the splash screen image file and select properties. Change Build property from Resource to Content.

Now we finished and you can start your application with your new splash screen!


It is very important to ensure the name of the splash screen image file to be SplashScreenImage.jpg. This is the acceptable default name for a automatic splash screen in a windows phone application.



This splash screen is very limited to a static splash screen. In case you want to make a cool splash screen with updating status label about what is happening in the background of the application, you will be in a need to make a much more sophisticated one. For example if you are making a splash screen for a Twitter client app, you might need a splash screen that shows updating status like (Connecting Twitter, Updating Status, and so on).



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